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somchai tongsawat point. all of these little bright spots indicate that maybe, just maybe, things aren't all that bad. there's still a lot of problems in this economy. i want you to have the full w story. that wraps up this show, but our conversation continues on facebook and twitter handle. go to my facebook page, i. velshi. make sure u join us every week for "your money." you can log on 24/7 to have a great weekend. san bruno california residents are going back to their homes, three days after the devastating natural gas explosion. and then there are also new pictures we're beginning to get in about how strong that explosion was. and hurricane igor is now a
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major category 4 storm. we'll tell you where it is and wheris hened. and today's estion in the chat room -- are your pants lying to you? why your size 36 pan nts mayot be. hello, everyone, i'm fredricka witfield, you're in the cnnro ns room. we get started with the latest from san bruno, california. some residents are beingk escorted back to their homes right now. but residents whose homes were badly damaged won't be among those going back today. we're expecting to hear an update from the coroner's office as well, shortly on the examination of new remains found in the debris. it's unknown right now if the remains are human or anal. six people aretill unaccounted for. meanwhile, the investigation is moving forward. they're trying to determine what caused the blast. cnn's ted rowlands is in san bruno with more on what investigators are looking for. >> reporter: surveillance video from inside lenardi's grocery store, a quarter-mile from the
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explosion, shows the power of the blast and then chaos. watch closely at first, people stop what they're doing. and then a few seconds later, the doors are pushed in by the force of the explosion. frantic customers are seen running from one of the exits, while other try desperately do get out of the store. one of the victims, 20-year-old jessica morales worked at this very store. jessica's friend, dana hernandez showed us jessica's facebook page. which today is filled with condolence messes. according to dana, jessica's boyfriend, who is hospitalized with third-degree burns, was with jessica when she died. >> he tried to go back in and save her, but he couldn't do anything. because the fire was,as w getting her. >> at least four people lost their lives in this tragedy. and cadaver dogs are being used to search for the missing. but because of the intensity of the blast, it is possible, vestigators say, the missing, if they were killed, may never be found. meanwhile, pressure is building
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for answers, as to exactly what could have caused this explosion. >> many questions must be answered by all of us whose job it is to protect our people. what was the cause ofe, this blt of course, first and foremost. were there reports that there were odors escaping from the pipeline? if there were those reports, what actions took place in response to thoseda complaints. does danger lie in similar pipelines in populated areas? is there enough monitorg going on? >> the local gas company, pg & e, said they're scouring through records to verify reports that people smelled gas in the days before the explosion. more than 1,000 people showed up to a community meeting, many of them demanding answers as to when they'd be able to get back into their homes and if their neighborhood is truly safe. the national transportation safety board is the lead agency in the investigation. at this point, they've not come to any conclusions and they warn that it could take months before
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a cause is determined. ted rowlands, cnn, san bruno, california. another re to tell you about in colorado, and more evacuations. a bush fire has broken out in loveland, that's north of boulder, where firefighters have been working to contain a massive blaze for almost a week. we're getng word that 100 homes in that vicinity are being evacuated. and in boulder, calm weather has allowed firefighters to contain much of the massive wildfire which began last monday. the fire engulfed 6400 acres and destroyed nearly 170 homes. honce dry weather and light winds are expected, authorities hope to fully contain the blaze in the next couplef days. meantime, there's growing concern in the atlantic because of that, what appears to be quite the monster. hurricane igor, now ahu major hurricane. jacqui jeras is in the weather center tracking it for us. what's it doing? how big? >> it's been intensifying big-time today. it went through a rapid intensification cycle.
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we were looking at ath category hurricane this morning. now we're looking at a category 4. take a look at this monster. i think that's a great word, fredricka. monster of a storm. very well-defined eye. vermeymmetricasymmetrical. good outflow, light nds, allowing the system to ventilate and continue to build. and the water temperatures out ahead of it are very, very warm. so it should alw it to continue it stayve strong and maybe even intensify it a little bit more. the maximum winds, 135 miles per hour. so that's definitely a major hurricane, my friends. speaking of those water temperates, this will kind of help explain. one of the reasons why we intensified so much. these are the water temperatures in the atlantibasin. you can see outlined in white, there's the coastline of the united states and here's the caribbean sea here and igor is right about in this area. it's been move off the coast of africa in warm-enough waters, no it's headin into even these
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warmer waters, about 86 degrees, allowing it to get a little bit stronger at thisime. here's the forecast track for you. and it shows you, it stays at major category 4 strength throughout the period. and this is the location by thursday, so it's going to take its time moving on through here. the good news is right now best estimates, is it will stay north of the virgin islands as well as puerto rico, and do almost an earl. we'll have to watch what happens in time. we're not o letting the u.s. of the hook just et. but right now things are looking a little more favorable for us. now there's another system we're keeping oueye on. this is just a disturbed area of weather in the caribbean. a high tential that this could develop into a next tropical depression. if so, the computero bringing that into a westerly direction. and the best one we'll show you real quick where they're going to be heading we think over the next 24 hours, 48. and you can see them moving oveo towards the yucatan, who hopefully that will hold with time. we've got td 12 to the east of
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igor. we've got three different things we're watching, fredricka, getting active. >> opical depression 12. >> yes. near thecape verde islands. >> this has been an active season, all of a sudden. >> very active, yeah. >> we're on nine. so we're getting close to verifying the forecast for the year, too. >> jacqui, thank you. a waiting game for the three american hikers detained in tehran. for days, tehran has been going back and forth over whether it will release one of them, sarah shourd. and now her family is being asked to post a half million dollars bail. susan candiotti is joining us from new york with . once and if bail is posted, how long might she stay in iran or be returned? >> well all of thisgthe e questions that we're all trying to get answers for. a lot oft unclear at this point, fred. the question is like evething
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else in this case that's been dragging on for more than a year, there's no, we haveo idea yet whether she will be released in the coming days. iran's official news agency says all her family has to do is turn over a half million dollars in bail and sarah shourd will be freed. the iranian lawyer hired by e american hiker's family tells cnn that everything is in place, except for the $500,000. he made the comment after being allowed to visit with all three hikers, toda for the first time in a year. are quotingays they here, doing well, but sarah's mother said her daughr's health is a huge concern. because sarah discovered a lump in one of her breasts, has other gynelogical issues, and is depressed. she's the only one of the three 23 hours an isolated day. this is what sarah said about the loneliness last may. >> is decent, it's really difficult being alone.
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they're alone in a room together, but i'm alone. that's the most difficult thing for me. but i see others twice a day. >> now that's the only time we saw sarah and fellow hiker shane bauer, sarah's fiancée and josh vitale, during the one and only family visit last may r iran. they were arrested a little over a year ago and charged with spying during a hike. their families deny it and have said all along. if the hikers crossed the border, it was by accident. now, late last week, iranian officialsout annulounced thash would be released yesterday, saturday, as a gesture t the holy mth ramadan. but the rug was pulled out after prosecutors say legal procedures are not mplete. now the moms are again on the edge of their seats while the bail issue is a i dressed. ves say the entati families are not making any comment at ts particular stage. >> so susan, it's being called bail. but at the same time there are economic sanctions on iran.
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can this family deliver, if they have the $500,000 to give? >> well of course, no one knows the answer for sure. but certainly there is some precedent for it. we kw that a canadian reporter for example did post bail a while back. and he was allowed to leave the country. that's probably what would happen here. and in tphe "newsweek" reporters case, they simply convicted him in absentia. but know that the swiss are working with the state department on thaids. state department has said so. the white house' spokesman told "meet the press" today, senior adviser to the president, david axelrod told "meet the press" that the whi house is keeping an eye on this situation. so we'll have to see what develops. but it is possible for money to be delivered to the swiss in tehran. and perhaps the money could be transferred to the iranian judijude
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i ary from there. >> be mantra might be, if you can't join them, beat them? the story, next. ♪
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all right. the tea party movement is hoping for some big victories in november. and there's already h speculati about how that could change congress. former senate republican leader, trent lott was on cnn's "state of the union" today, and he says victorious tea party candidates could have a big impact if they work with gop leaders on a common agenda. >> well when they get here, they want to do somethingbout bad legislation, moreregulations, too much spending, too much taxationthey want to get something done. they need to bnee, the leaders need to be able to work with the people that come into the house and senate. it's not a matter of trying to get them to change their position. they're going to bring enthusiasm and new ideas and pressure in washington and i think that's goo i do think the leadership has got to learn quickly, to work with them and to turn it into positive energy and i believe they will. i think that john boehner, as the next speaker will do that.
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and i think mitch mccnell and john kyle will do it in the senate. >> former house republican leader, dick armey says that'sn why they're running for office. various tea party groups are holding ralliearound the country today, hoping to energize the base in the final weeks before the election. the three biggest gatherings are in st. louis, sacramento and washingtond.c. shannon travis is at the washington rally. and shannon, we just heard from trent lott. is the tea party moving towards a merger, so to speak, with the repuican party? >> fred, i have to tell you that justenlistening todi trent lottd dick armey, they're pug ttinit a lot more politely than the activists here are putting it with. matt kibbe who works at freedom thrks is describing it as a hostile takeover. that's what they want to do with
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the republican party. not so much merge with it or join with it, but basically take it over. they feel that the republican party is rife with too many what they call rhinos republicans in name s only. republicans that they consider to be too moderate or perhaps even liberal. anthey're on a path to power to purge the party. what the activists tell me as often often as i've been covering these rallies. they're on a path to purge the republican party from those moderates. >> is there aeeling that this hosten takeover could actually happen because there's a ground swell of support within the reblican party that says, we are willing to be taken over? we are willing to identify wi these philosophies of the tea party movement? >> that's a great question. it depen on who you talk to. these activists feel that it is possible. they cite wins in alaska against senator lisa murkowsky. they cite the wins in other places. helping propelharon angle of
4:17 pm
nevada to the gop nomination. they say it is possible t take over t he republican party. other people you speak with might say, you know, they've had some wins, they've had some success. but they've also had some losses in some congressional races. and another thing to note is, as we see what some people are calling republican cannibalism republican fighting s. repuicans. some people this might give democrats a chance to pick up seats or maybe even be competitive in some races they might not ordinarily be cousmpetitive in. because you have some conservatives fighting a more modete republican. so that migh actually cancel out some votes. so it depends, we're not really sure what's going to happen. we won't really know until mid-term. >> so shannon and you may have already done so. if you were to walk around the crowd there and ask people their party affilation. iwhat would they likely say? becae there isy no tea party memovent on any party. affilatin
4:18 pm
on the ballot. what would the majority of these people say they are? they associate themselves with? >> that's righ we want to be clear that there is no official third teaparty. i've asked people that question as i've traveled with the tea party. a lot of them, many of them would describe themselves simply as conservatives. many would say they're republicans. i've only met literally a handful if of people who say they were democrats or perpsnt even independent. and polls actually reflect that as well. so most of the people in the crowd in my travels and in probably lkei ly this crowd as well, are either conservatives or republicans. but not necessarily republicans republic loyal to the party. republicans that believe in the ideals, but feel like republican leaders are not, not protecting their ideals enough. >> shannon travis, thanks so much. i'm going to talk to you again in the 5:00 eastern hour. and at that time i'm going to tea partyoo, howa this movement gathering is different or similar to many yedhis've attended in the past yr and we're going to be looking at the
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tea party' mantra of heading into the election, being all about making big government gains. when we come back, your pants may say one size, but your waistline may say quite another. the te of those lying pants up next in the chat room.
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4:22 pm
44 corrections officers have been detained on suspion of corruption. the facility is located near the u.s. border. and one day after the ninth anniversary of 9/11, the head of the homeland secured department is weighing in on how u.s. security has improved since those attacks. janet napolitano said the u.s. is safer now. but she says there is no one10 100% guarante we the country wot be attacked again. and she adds the u.s. will never be totally immune from terror threats. all right. how much is just enough when comes to financial happiness? and jacqui jeras will be joining me as well. to help answer that question. the chat room.
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we'll soon get back to the news room. time for little chat room. these are some of the favorite topics that jacqui jeras and i like to talk about that we wish we could make room somew re, instead wee show, but nestle them all right here. kind of fun stuff. >> tsehell are good ones, they' impact a lot of people. >> beginning with, how many times are you driving through a neighborhood and you might see signs that say "slow down" or you have speed bum to make people slow down. particularly if there are children in the neighborhood. in canada, yeah, they took it a little bit fourther. doesn't that look like a kid running after a ball. >> you getu up closet and you tell it's not quite it. >> it's an optical illusion. it's a painted image on the street. thidea to make people slow down. so far, it's been very effective. >> interesting. >> isn't that fascinating? you kind of,ou y're tricked. tricked a little but the obje is, to make you slow down. cause oftentimes, the signs and the speed bumps don't do it.
4:25 pm
>> they don't, yeah. and you can damage your car th those speed bumps, too, from time to time. but some people, i've heard a little controversy about this, we t alked about rothis in the news om a little bit today. and some people were saying you know, there's a little bit of danger possibly involved wit doing something like that, too, because people might stomp on their brakes andaybe swerve out of the way and have anyi accident themselves by trng to avoid hat. >> or getting out there is the optical illusion or some people won't believe it, they've been down that street before. and they're going to find out when it turns to be a realhild running after the ball. >> just a soccer match yesterday, people were rushing through the parking lot, i'm like, hello, children are everywhere. >> we're all so busy. >> had a hurry, on a schedule. you know, something that happens to guys, it happens to women all the time. you're reaching for a size ten, you know or you're a size 12, 8, et cetera and the sizes don't
4:26 pm
correspond. talking shopping, the sizes don't correspond with what you think you are. apparentlyt's happening to dudes, too. >> and if you ever try something on and you go, oh, my gosh, i'm a size six. >> this is how it's happening to guys, apparently on a reporter set out and talked about how excited he was with s size 36. going to one store and it was 36. a true 36. 36 inches. why is it that 36 inches measures out sointhg different -- if you have a different store, a different designer, et cetera. and here were the tdisparities. >> take the measuring tapend a literally, we shot all of these different stores. dress pants, not blue jeans, and i'm going to suspect that 36 is a 36 in blue jeans. you have to five inches. do you shop at any of those? >> can we put that back up? >> h & m,ga the gap. old navy? these are very popular.
4:27 pm
>> the gap, three inches at the gap. >> popular places. everybodsy has probably had thi experice. it's reaffirming now whencl you see th article and you say, you know what, i'm not crazy, that happened to me. >> you know, howdy gain weight weight. >> it makes you feel better. it really does. >> people are so married and committed to these numbers. >> so watch the little extrari inch an your own, right? >> that's right. what's next for us? >> measuring happiness. they say money isn't everything. that shouldn't be at the root of all happiness. the reality is -- it's an issue of how much. what's the threshold. you know, that allows you to be happy. what do you need. >> a new survey was done and participants were asked to answer questions about how happy they were with their life overall and provided a bunch of information about their gender, how much they made. whether or not they were mayrrid
4:28 pm
and that type of thing. 73% of those people earning above 5$75,000 a ye were happie. but there was a limit, if you made too much more than that -- your level of happiness apparently leveled off a little bit. >> if you have friends that you probably shouldn't have, that kind of thing? >> i don't kno >> or too many problems? >> too much temptation? >> overspend. and then i guess your priorities are askew because now you're measuring things by the dollar? >> i'm just asking the question. i don't know the answer. just rhetorical questions. >> people who made less than $50,000 were the unhappiest. maybe if you're comfortable, but not too wealthy -- you feel better. >> it's stressful if you can' pay the bills. i get that. t >> the other thing they also said was more happiness comes with age. people are unhappy, unhappiest between 35 and 44.
4:29 pm
>> interesting, as you ageo become a lot more mature about the perspective of things, you get it, you've had life experience under your belt. and so maybe you don't sweat the small stuff as they say as much, too. >> perhaps, and people in that unhappy age group apparently a lot of it had to do with having stress because of chrenhaving i children. >> that's interting. your voice got really low on that one. >> because i have children. and they might be somewhere in that age range, perhaps. and democrats and republicans by the way? equally as happy. >> okay. very good. it's anonpartisan kind of thing. all right. jackie, thanks, we'll talk a little bitater about igor. nobody's happy about ngthat. it's getting bigger. >> not so much. it's a powerful one. that's a differentsc ale of happiness righ there. all right thanks a lot, jacki. one tea party candidate for senator is considered a sure thing for election in november. we'll take you to utah for
4:30 pm
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pretty sizeable tea party movement rally taking place right now in washington, d.c. it's one of a series of gatherings taking place across the country as tea party ld momentum,y to bui going into the november election. and nearly all of the tea party-backed candidates for the u.s. senate are in tight races by the way. but not utah. where republican mike lee is almost a shoe-in. here's cnn's jim acosta. >> george washington was the original tea party man. >> vowing to bring a tea party revolution to washington, the republican running for the u.s. senate in utah, mike lee, is ang fire-breathing defender of what's become a bible to this political movement -- the u.s.
4:34 pm
nonstitution. >> i hereby question you, i will not vote for a single bill tha i can't justify is protected under the originalco u.s. nstitution. >> but at thme timlee, who once worked for supreme court justice, justice, sam alito. he would take away automatic citizenship for people born in supports ndor also amendments for a balanced budget. >>ou talk about defending the constitution, but yet ycoou wan to change the constitution. isn't there a contradiction there? >> not at all. the constitution was made to be amended from time to time. sometimes weave to do that in order to make the constitution more true to the american dream. >> he's even questioning the 17th amendment which allows voters t directly elect senators, something state lawmaks were able to do. >> they'll be better offeme whe the the sovereignty of >> and democrats like to point out that lee also favors privatizing social security.
4:35 pm
>>o it's tbe the bad guy to come along and say,e ll it back and phase it out. >> roll it back and phase it out. >> phasing it out, rollhe of the back, are certainly options. >> take a guy like me, who is not extreme, i'm instream. >> salt lake city food distributor, sam granato is the long-shot democrat in the race he'strying to exploit hard feelings ang some utah republicans who are still mad over them backing lee over the more moderate bennett in the gop nomination. >> since the ouster of senator bennett, i'm had more republicans, moderate to ublicans calling, coming help us. >> like senator bennett's son. >> when we tried to get bob bennt to try to speak to the stae party, theyai s he's not welcome here. >> but other republicans likeki wit lund are looking forward, not back. >> this would be harry reid and
4:36 pm
dear old nancy pelosi. >> you're that angry? >> ticked off would be a better term. >> just like the tea party likely wants to pull the republican party as far to the right as hei can. and that might work in reliably red utah. >> if you're looking for one tea party guy to get in there, it's probably going to be mike lee. >> mike lee is a lock unless tha unthinkable happens. >> this isthe year that we take that power back. it belongs to us, let's bring about that change and it all starts right here. >> the question is whether lee's tea party princies will work in washington. let's talk about anotr storm, a real one in the atlantic. hurricane igor is now a major hurricane. jacqui jeras is tracking the storm for us now. igor. >> the storm really intensified this afternoon, fredricka. the national hurricane center sent out a special statement in the middle of the day, when they weren't planning on it, because we had such rapid intensification, they upgraded the status of the stormbe to a category 4. we started earlier in the day as
4:37 pm
a category 2. so maximum sustained winds at 135 miles per hour. gusts well beyond that. storm is moving in a westly direction. look at this thing on satellite. 's very symmetrical. it's almost perfectly round here. we've got great outflow ahead of it. and look at the eye of this thing. a very well-defined eye. t can you see the stadium effect as we ll it and the eye i about 20 nauticalmile ac now a lo over this is theeeward islands over ther so this is still hureds of miles away from land. so it's in the middle ofw nowhee right now and not bothering anybody. but will it stay that way? th official forecast track even brings the cone of uncertainty to the north of the islands. that's good news, we've got a little weakss in our subtropical ridge. so hopefully we'll be doing one of these once again. almost a similar earl path. but right now most models bring it away from the u.s. coastline. it's somethingtce'll need to wah closely. right now the best estimate is l hopefully that it will stay
4:38 pm
away. one other system is not a named storm, it's a cluster of thunderstos we've been tracking across the ribbian. it has potential as it moves west, that it could t organized and become a tropical depression. the hurricane center has put a high threat on that for this possible development. if it does get a name, it would be named julia. that's the next name on the list. now, let's take a look at the forecast models and show you where they're going. a little bit of discrepancy with a couple of them. the yoenl consensus brings it toward the yucatan and a quick little peek at tomorrow. back to work and reality for all of you. overall we're looking at some relatively benign weather. e northeast will see some scatred showers and thundershowers, you cod have a few travel delays there as well as south florida. t fredricka? >> what a way to start t new work week. >> not bad. >> jacqui, apprecia thfat. off to india now, where more than 4,000 people in low-lying areas of new delhi are moving to higher ground.
4:39 pm
the yumana river isca on e rise because of recent flooding in other parts of that country. officials say the evacuations are just a precaution at this point. and flooding in the capital is not iminent. ope in holding out h chile -- families staying as close as possible to those trapped miners. coming up, we'll visit their camp on the surface. night after night, i sat up. sprayed up. took a shower... then i tried drug-free breathe right. and instantly, i breathed better! i slept better. i felt...better. thank you, breathe right! [ male announcer ] breathe better, sleep better, feel better. nory breathe rit for free. at [ woman ] it's my right to breathe right. isn't it your right, too?
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american sarah shourd is expected to be released ed to family by iran once er family comes up with$500,000.
4:43 pm
shourd and two other americans accused of spying have been detained in iran for more than year. and in san bruno, california, some of the people driven from their homes by a natural gas explosion and fire are now returning to their neighborhood. but those whose homes were destroyed will not be allowed back in. the blast and fire killed at least four people, six others are still unaccounted for. and some kmsts comfort from are being dropped down to the trapped miners in chile, a power cord is being dropped down and they're getting cigarettes, the miners are splitting two packs a day. the miners could be stuck deep underground until christmas, since the ordeal began last month, family and friends have been keeping vigil on the surface. wanting to be close it their trapped loved ones. here's cnn's patrick upman.
4:44 pm
>> reporter: for everyone but the 32 miners, trapped in their own undergrundmi purgatory, milton avalos meets the day sitting in the chaire slept in. a fire barely wards off the frigid desert night. a miner himself, he keeps vigil. that's all he can do. there's nothing you can do, so many times we've offered to help with the rese, but they won't let us. morning, miguel val alenzuela, lights candles to help the rescue. he says it keeps him sane. i walk around, i go to the meetings, i cook for families. you have to keep yourself entertained. the barren desert is not an easy place to live. everything has tbe trucked in. including the food in this woman's kitchen. >> translator: we've received a lot of donations, both pantries
4:45 pm
are full. >> which is a good thing, since she cooks lunch for 250 people. the camp started because family members wanted to wait on the same earth holding its miners, but it has become its own kind of communities. >> life here has its own rhythms, families while away the hours, workers clock in for their shifts and hope hangs in the air that word will come from the trapped miners, all in the backdrop of constant drilling. maria waits to deliver the letter deep to her brher underground. until her brotr is freed, this will be home. >> translator: i had no idea who these people were. but i look at them now and we are family. worrying about another, chatting, fighting together. here, 33 families became one. >> out back, maria has a shrine
4:46 pm
to her littlebrother. she saw him today, this i what she would tell him. >> translator: we will never leave you. whatever happens, happens. but we will be strong in our hearts. because we love you here. >> day becomes night again and different rituals begin. pick-up soccer game. police flown in from the capital walk a new beat. prayers are said. and the miners' families hope the long wait is now one day less. patrick upman, cnn, at the san jose mine. and much more in the news room right after this. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
4:47 pm
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time for cnn equals politics update. we're keepg an eye on all the latest headlines on the political ticker. and here's what's crossing right now. despite polls predicting big republican gains in november, a
4:50 pm
top democratic leader claims the democrats will retainse conol of the house. house majority leader, steny hoyer concedes that his party will lose some ground, but says democrs will keep enough seats to mainin a majority. and white house adviser david axelrod confirms that white house chief of staff rahm emanual is considering running for mayor of chicago. and delaware republicans will choose a candidate for senate this week in a race that will be the next big test of the tea party movement's power. moderate mike castle is facing a tough challenge from christine o'donnell has been endorsed bemo the tea party movement. for the latest political news, is the place to be. men, busting out of their best moves on the dance floor. might be surprised -- i know,
4:51 pm
what a segue, that their favorite moves may not be appealing to women after all. cnn's josh levs has been studying this fascinating new study dancing. the mechanics of dancing and how people are looking at them. >> is this as perplexing to you as it is to everyone else, right? no one can about to understand what we're about to say. the researchers set up a bunch of guys out onto the dance floor and videotaped them. and they took the dance moves and they mapped them on to this. go ahead with the video. the genderless,th featureless figures and they showed a bunch of women, some moves and this is the video of what's not hot. >> travelingrnd the dance floor. >> it looks like he lost something on the ground. >> but the surprise is the next video. which is the allegedly hot dance moves. men and women alike don't understand that. >> that is a major goof. no, that is goer all the way.
4:52 pm
no way. >> listen to this -- they mapped it out -- they found that the hot mes that the women like involved movements of the left wrist, shoulder and neck and the right knee and the torso. re torso is like a lot of the body. >> that would really -- yeah, ind find that, you can see bad od right next to each other. all the women we're showing this to are like, what? i want to see someone really do that. >> i realize theylended a few good moves. ere are some people out there who might think, this is the way to go. if they do this, what if they en up looking like these guys from "a night at the roxbury." >> everyone is seeing "seinfeld" and elainee and her little -- that's what it reminds me of. >> our ownreynolds wolf, a good dancer -- >> do we get to see? >> i talked about it this morning, and reynolds, our
4:53 pm
meteorologist, couldn't resist. ta a look at reynolds, smoot action on the floor. >> i thought tj was about to join in. we got a little slow-mo action for you. >> moonwalking. go reynolds. >> still better than the genderless figures. he's got some stuff. >> he's working it on the floor. ty i -- tj is doing the move we just saw, he's doing a ltle walking. >> he's just trying to get out of there. tj.i'm trying to make fun of >> he's not here to defend himself. so one thing i don't get it. i gotor two movie clips for you. first of ll, think of it this way. do not end up looking like these guys, from "night at the roury." i'm concerned if you read this study too literally. you'll start moving your head -- >> see what i'm saying? the good dancers, in those videos? not working. the study out of northumbria
4:54 pm
university in england. maybe there's a cultural gap here. maybe in england, it's hot? but th real surprise here is that in that movie, "the rocky horror picture show" this dance has actually some of the good moves. take a look at this. >> what? ♪ let's do the time warp again ♪ you've got to jump to t ahe left ♪ ♪ and step to the right >> i've been looking at the allegedly good dancer. s there's some similarities in there, too. >> you either follow or don't follow. >> it works when it's choreographed. because everyone is doing it, you get cool points, but when you' the only one? >> you set the record straight. for everyone watching out there, was the figure hot or not. >> me? >> was the figure hot? >> i was not seeing hot. it was a little chilly-willy to me. it was way away from hot. >> you better get in touch with theseresearchers.
4:55 pm
>> i thought usually hip action was probably the thing. that's a the core of good dancing. a little hip taction. but the left arm? you got to watch the left arm? i have no idea. my wife saw this and was like, do not take any pointers from this. >> the next time, the next time you get reynolds dancing is i want to see you and tj joining n in. >> i'll run away. that's my cardinal rule for tv, not ever dancing. lli' link the whole thing for you on facebook and twitter. tell us what you think. tell us if there's something that we're missing. >> help me out. i like it. that was fun. >> we're going to rock on. see new a few, i've got viral videos coming up. [ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue -- financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business,
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then you've got the wrong job. my landing was better than yours. no, it wasn't. n yes, it was. was not. yes, it was. what do you think? take one of the big ones out? nah.
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after the worst floods in memory it's been a somber dayli and holiday for pakistani muslims. cnn reports on the end of ramadan. >> the imam speaks of peace and the need to end wars, at prayers celebrating the festival of ei and marking the end of ramadan fasting. but many have little to be joyful about. displaced by the floods, which have gripped this country. most of those attendingay the prayers now stay in this camp for displaced people. wasil hawn's house was badly damaged. >> translator: we're not celebrating this eid properly, and that's verhard for us. most of our relatives aresp displaced. >> they share of tent with two other families, 14 people

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